Dude you’re pathetic (Daily rant #18)3 min read

Someone said “Dude , you’re pathetic” on my face. And my life started to change.

Have you ever talked to someone and they keep on insulting you. You want them to stop because deep down you realize that they’re true and you don’t want to admit it. The exact same thing happened to me, a few days back. I was talking to this person and I thought she got mad at me and said I was pathetic. I thought about this for quite a few hours after that, just to realize that she was true.

My life had no meaning. I was going nowhere in my life. Little things were bugging me because my dull boring life had no purpose. I wasn’t excelling at work, neither was I excelling at public speaking. I was just where I was a year ago. That needed to change.

That conversation had a big impact on my thinking towards life. I also realized that i was the cause of most of those problems and I was running away from them like a coward. The thing about problems is you can run but you can never hide. (totally original, isn’t it?)

You run from a problem, don’t solve it and don’t go through the pain then the problem comes back to you as someone/something else. How many times have you met different people but had the same kind of problem with them ? For instance : you were clingy or they were rude or they said something and betrayed you.

They say “You attract what you are”. I guess now I know why.

Because unless you change yourself, no matter how awesome the person that you’ve just met is, you’re going to act how you used to act because you’ve never learned your lesson. I know learning a lesson is difficult. Realizing that you will never be able to have the same kinds of conversations with that person sucks. Most of the time, we don’t even want to believe that this will happen. But once you’ve realized this and you’ve learned your lesson, you can treat other people better. In return, they’ll also not treat you like the pile of shit you used to be.

The law of attraction works. Well, it’s just common sense. If you keep on repeating the same mistakes, you’ll keep on finding yourself in the same space, time and again.

The best thing to do now is change. May be you can relate to what I have to say for you’ve gone through the same issues time and again. Hey! Maybe try changing yourself? Introspect, talk to your friends who don’t take any of your bullshit, find what’s that attribute about you that needs work and may be work towards changing it. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be really difficult. That’s the whole point of this, I assume. You go through this, learn your lesson and never do that again.

If you’re reading, first thank you! If you’re going through this, stay strong, you will make it through.


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