For all intents and purposes1 min read

This is not going to be funny by any means. Lately, I realize that I have not been in my best state. I’m seeking for people to talk to and I realize that I’ve nagged a lot of people time and again by acting needy.

I realize that I have been slacking off and lacking motivation to chase my goals. To be honest, I’m not even lacking motivation. I’m just bored and lazy?

I also realize that I’ve not written even a single word in the past month. This needs to stop. This seriously need to stop. Because I’m losing this war of art with the worst competitor ever; myself.

I don’t care if anyone finds and reads this. I want this article to serve me as a starting point at which i can look back in a month’s/year’s time and tell myself that I’ve defeated that loser.

So, for all intents and purposes, I’ve quit social media. Changed the passwords to all my handles. I know the road is going to be more difficult now, but fuck it.

If you’re anyone but me and are reading this:

a) Why?

b) Thanks I guess. I assume you’re someone who cares for me and was wondering why you haven’t seen any of my stories on Instagram and posts on Facebook. I’m not dead. Just saying.

See you in a while, I guess.

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