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How to set goals like Dan Lok? (Four step formula)2 min read

If you want to achieve something in your life, you need to plan ahead. Even a wrong plan is better than having no plan at all. To make plans, you need something to aim at. You need goals.

It’s easy to set a goal. You just have to think about achieving something. That’s that.

But, setting a goal that’s SMART that’s difficult.

What’s a SMART goal?

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable,Achievable, Relevant and Time Based goal. You’ll learn how to set a smart goal in this article from the Master Shifu Dan Lok Himself.

Reverse engineer your goals!

Reverse engineering is one of the most integral part of Dan Lok’s goal setting process. His whole goal setting process is based on dividing the goal into smaller chunks and achieving the smaller chunks which results to attainment of the greater goal in the end.

For example :

If you have a goal of reading 24 books in a year. Divide the year into 12 months. Now, this requires you to read 2 books a month.

Now, divide the months into days. Assuming that an average book has around 300 pages, you’ll have to read 10 pages a day to complete two books in a month.

Why does this goal setting process work?

This works because of the following reasons:

  • Since, the goal is divided into daily tasks. It’s super track-able.
  • You’re focusing on what you can do today, instead of what you can do at the end of the year.

Four step formula

Step 1

Think of a goal. (Well, that’s it)

Dan Lok’s Method can be used in all the areas of your life including: health,personal and finance. For example: you might want to lose weight or find friends or earn X amount of money.

Don’t try to set too many goals. Stick to one and don’t try to balance.

Step 2

See it every day!

Keep it as your phone’s wallpaper, write it in your journal or wherever you might see it daily. Don’t just set it and keep it away.

As Tony Robbins says “Where attention goes, energy flows”, make sure your attention is only on your goal and nothing else.

Step 3

Smell the skin!

Live the goal. Experience it, visualize it! Visualization is a great technique that many of the achievers have used in their life. But know that there’s a difference between visualizing and day dreaming. If you’re just visualizing and not taking action then, you’ve just day dreaming.

Dan Lok heavily relies on the “Fake it till you make it” mentality. Embrace that thought and think,dream and live your goal.

Step 4

Share it!

Share it with people around you. Tell them you’ll achieve it no matter what. Make your friends your accountability partners.

My tips

Only goal setting can lead you nowhere. You have to take action. Take action everyday. Start slow. If you have set a goal to write 50 articles a year, take action in such a way that will not burn you out.

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