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Know Thyself! The first step of self development1 min read

As someone who is really into being a better version of himself and reads a lot of self help books, I get this question asked quite a lot.

What is the first step of self development?

The answer is fairly simple but difficult to implement. The first step of self development is knowing yourself.

We all believe that we know ourselves. But do we?

Knowing is half the battle won and it’s really difficult to know. Shouldn’t it be simple to know yourself because it’s you? It is really difficult to know yourself because of :

  • Our inability to think for ourselves
  • Fear of what other people will think about us
  • How society has molded our brain
  • What we consume

I have found myself in similar grounds not knowing what it is that I really want. What I do to know myself better is start ranting. I rant a lot. Lock myself inside my room and rant about what’s bugging me. Most of the times, I don’t even know why I am ranting but by the end of it, I know what the problem is.

The other thing that you can do is write your heart out. I have a daily rant section in this website where I go and rant on a daily basis (oh that’s why they call it that , holy Moses). For me, writing is a form of introspection. I don’t think much about anything while I write, I just go at it and the end result is me having a clear idea of what is going on in my mind.

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