Love for dog (Daily Rant #13)2 min read

If you know me, you know how much I love dogs. I don’t think I need to explain why. Friendly,amazing and faithful, that’s what dogs are.

Someone gifted me a two months old rottweiler for my birthday(her name is sky). The sad thing is sky’s been feeling sick lately. I returned home at around 9 o’clock today just to know that my dog was not feeling okay. So, me, uncle and my sisters, we headed out to search for a dog clinic that’s open late at night. Thankfully, we found one at Koteshwor named Valley Animal Clinic. It’s open 24×7.

There, I met a guy who had three dogs. He was sad that his dog had not been eating for 28 days. His dog’s disease was not curable. I stood there watching the sad dog struggling with life, I felt bad. I talked to that guy for quite sometime and I could feel that he loved dogs, the way I do.

Even though the dog had been sick for quite sometime and it was his third dog, he moved heaven and earth just so that the dog could live some more days. You could feel the love he had for his dog in his voice. He showed me pictures of his other dogs and told me how sad they both are that this one is sick. He told me every little thing that his dog did that he loved. The good habits, the bad habits, how he had a lot of memories with him, every little detail. That was so beautiful, listening to someone talk about something they’re super passionate about.

Isn’t it amazing? In a world , where people don’t seem to care for their partners, there are some people who love animals in such a way that’s indescribable.


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