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Motivation sucks, here’s what you need2 min read

After watching 10 motivational videos, reading a chapter of Tony Robbin’s “Awaken The Giant Within” and scrolling miles on r/motivation, I have no motivation to do anything. And that is why it sucks.

There are a lot of things that you’re super motivated to do like sleeping till 11 in the morning, waking up all night watching YouTube videos and going far away from everyone and enjoying solitude. (I speak for myself btw) But you’re not motivated to hit the gym, finish that book that you started or learn what you need to learn. I know. You’re not motivated enough. You need motivation. You need someone to push you till you finally take the first step. Guess what? Nobody’s coming.

Motivation is seriously overrated. Why do we need to be motivated so much? Life’s pretty simple. You want to do something, you do it, you do not want to do something you don’t do it. Bringing motivation to the equation is plain stupid.

What can help you is building a routine and sticking to it, no matter what.

I’ve experienced this about me. There are times when I am super motivated and do a lot of things but don’t finish them. Then, I wait for the motivation to hit me for the second time. (spoiler alert : it never does and the work remains unfinished)

That’s why I’m trying to discipline myself. Your mind is a muscle like every other muscle of your body. You can train it through repetition. Every time you repeat a thought, you’re just letting the mind know that the thought is normal. I’ve created routines for myself. I’m starting slow with simple tasks like exercising, writing for 20 minutes, etc. Once all this becomes “muscle memory”, I’ll push myself even more and hopefully I’ll be more disciplined that I am now.

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