Thank you Jeremy!2 min read

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I believe I’ve overthought enough thoughts for a year now. Dude, what was I thinking?

I went to the hair saloon and wanted to buzz my hair off because I woke up and listened to this song by Jeremy Zucker and was prolly overthinking. The barber being someone who seriously cares for me counselled me to may be just keep it short rather than buzzing it off. (awww) (I realize that I’m going to cringe at this when I read it some time in the future .)

I can’t believe that I was even thinking of doing this. I realize that Jeremy looks pretty cool doing that (*you know too that I know that I sound so gay saying that*) and I swear to god I was going to try that at home with my hair trimmer. I can only imagine what would have happened.

I seriously want to thank my barber. I’m so happy that I kept it short and did not buzz it off completely.

Jeremy’s music has been almost an escape point for me. I swear to god, I’ve listened to comethru for about 400 times and I’ve listened to Oh Mexico all day. I know the lyrics of comethru is rather sad and even Oh Mexico is about saying goodbye but there’s a weird feel-good kinda vibe attached to his music that I really appreciate.

Talking about overthinking, don’t!

I’ve been thinking that I think too much

The best thing that you can do to overcome overthinking is go and tell people what you think they’re thinking about you. I know it sounds weird but you know what’s weirder? Someone reading my blog.

I overthought about a lot of things/people, told everyone and turns out most of them were not even aware of my existence.(It’s funny because it’s true)

Yesterday, I wrote a long fucking rant where I overthought about everyone which has been hidden from my blog now but not deleted. I want myself to read it time and again whenever I feel like doing something stupid.

To conclude, it was a rough week to be honest. A lot of highs and a lot of lows . But learned a lot about myself, got some opportunities, took some responsibilities, had some epiphanies and nearly fucking buzzed my fucking hair off.

I’m so happy to be alive.


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