The speech is shaping up (Daily rant #17)2 min read

I’ve been working on this humorous speech for quite a few days. I’ve been giving this speech one-two long difficult hours every single day. The product is worth talking about.

I started this speech with just a few punchlines that I randomly came up with and now everything is shaping up perfectly. As if the punchlines were never actually intended to be used in other premises than this.

It feels really good. The improvements that I’ve started making in my life, they’re just beautiful. As i wrote yesterday, I had forgotten that challenge hungry person that I was, now he’s trying to make the comeback (I’m notoriously known for my up-for-any-challenge attitude and the ability to talk in third person).

It’s weird, isn’t it? Some days back, I was going to bed sad and not having any idea about what I am going to do tomorrow. Now, things have changed. Everything!

Also, a company called me today and they wanted me to work for them. I couldn’t believe the confidence that I had in my skills. They could feel the confidence through the sound of my voice and I got the deal. But, I have this weird moral code, if I cannot add value to the company either I won’t take the project or I will return their investment on me if I am of no use. But, that’s me and I’m goddamn loving this.

Talking about the speech again, I’m coming up with one punchline every day. I hope to complete the first draft of this speech by this Saturday. If I can do that, I will deliver this speech at a club, see which jokes work and try to add more tags to the punchline if need be.

Till then , yours truly says goodnight in third person.


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