Why is she always laughing? (Daily Rant #16)1 min read

Don’t you love to be around someone who’s always happy? I do mainly because I am not at all like that. Happiness is contagious.

I hung out with one of my closest friends at Boudha today. I feel ashamed to say that I had never been to Boudhanath till today. It was fun to say the least.

I hung around with her and she’s the kind of girl who enjoys her own company so much. I even doubt that she was hanging out with me. She was just there, feeling good about everything. Me being me, yours truly tried to crack jokes and not to my surprise none of them worked. But it didn’t matter. Turns out, she’s really good at making herself laugh.

That’s something! That’s really something. That’s something i feel I’ve forgotten.

Dropped her home and while I was coming back, I stopped to think about myself. I remember be being super vindictive and envious. It was one of my biggest traits. Now, it’s gone. It feels like I am not even that person that I always used to be. It’s weird.

A lot of good things in my life have happened because of the negative energy that I possess. And now it seems buried down deep under the false sense of love and affection that I had for people? I used to love challenges but now it seems that nothing affects me.

I don’t think these epiphanies are going to stop anytime soon. But I like that. Introspecting has never been my cup of tea but now I am taking my time to know myself.

Gotta go for now. Need to complete this thing that I’m working on.


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